Friday, August 22, 2008
Injured lost baby whale euthanized in Australia
By KRISTEN GELINEAU – 8 hours ago
SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — An injured and abandoned baby humpback whale was euthanized by wildlife officials Friday after veterinarians determined it was too weak to survive on its own.
The plight of the whale calf, which Australians have nicknamed "Colin," has dominated news coverage here since it was first sighted Sunday and began trying to suckle from boats it apparently mistook for its mother.
Friday morning, the 14-foot-long animal was guided close to the shore and could be seen thrashing about. Officials reached out to stroke the calf before others hoisted it onto a tarp. The whale was then pulled into a tent on the beach and gray tarps were hung to obscure the operation.
Roger Bell, spokesman for the National Parks and Wildlife Service, said the animal was given an anesthetic in the water before a lethal drug was administered on shore. He said it died around 9 a.m.
"The whale suffered as little as possible," he told The Associated Press.
"Shame! Shame!" cried Brett Devine, a rescue worker who had hoped to feed the whale via a tube.
Eight maritime police boats patrolled the waters to keep the public and media from approaching.
"It's a tragic end to a program that dozens of people have put their hearts and souls into," John Dengate of the wildlife service told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio.
Officials believe the 1- to 2-month-old calf was abandoned by its mother, possibly because it was ill. Wildlife officials said it appeared the whale had also been attacked by a shark.
It spent days among the yachts and other boats in the waters off north Sydney, swimming back to the boats each time officials lured it out to sea in the hope it would attach to a passing pod of humpback whales.
"As the calf is still being breast fed, we have no way of feeding or socializing it, so taking this humpback into captivity is not an option," the National Parks and Wildlife Service said in a statement this week.
On Thursday, veterinarians and marine researchers who examined the whale found that its condition was deteriorating quickly and that euthanizing it was the most humane option.
"We have a whale whose condition has deteriorated rapidly over the last 24 hours, and who now experts are telling us is suffering, and we've had to make the hard decision to euthanize the whale," Barnes told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio Friday morning. "It's a very emotional decision."
She said officials had sought national and international advice on how to help the lost whale but its condition had become too poor to treat.
Some Australians have accused wildlife officials of not doing enough to help the calf and not trying to feed it. A few people designed feeding mechanisms, many gave advice, and some journeyed to Pittwater Inlet just to watch the lonely calf.
On Thursday, Aboriginal whale whisperer Bunna Lawrie tried to soothe the listless animal. Adorned with feathers on his head and white paint markings on his face, Lawrie reached into the water to stroke Colin while singing a humming, tongue-rolling tune.
But after a few minutes the whale swam away to nuzzle a nearby yacht.
"He's missing the big fellas," said Lawrie, whose visit was broadcast on Channel 10 television.
Associated Press writer Tanalee Smith contributed to this report.


Sunday, May 18, 2008
A Minor War
So ok. There was a minor war that began between two blogs:
and What started out as simple (and let's admit it, some rude) comments about Cindy trying a terrapin soup escalated into an all out war between Cindy, her supporters (fans?) and Cheryl (unwilling to participate as she was).

The situation stands thus. Cindy tried out a terrapin product. It's not a crime but only in theory. Although some of her proponents have suggested (some quite rudely I might add) that we target the sellers of these products and to stop placing blame in the consumer, we feel the need to state once and for all that NO ONE is to blame.

Capitalism dictates that whatever can be sold SHOULD be sold even to the extent of blatant exploitation.

Consumerism, being the flip side of the same coin also dictates that whatever can be consumed SHOULD be consumed be it turtles, terrapins, their eggs or whatever wildlife can be poached.

Now, let us examine a logical argument to this dilemma.

Some (in Cindy's website) have stated that if the selling stops, demand will die out. That in and of itself is already rather inaccurate as Cindy herself pointed out and I paraphrase "people will always be curious about these things".

On the other hand, if people were to commit to a boycott of these products to begin with, the cost of obtaining these products versus its returns (if NO ONE bought these things) would ensure that the sale does not happen again. It makes no sensee to stock something that does not sell does it?

And so it comes to this.

Environmental protectionism is not a game of finger pointing. We approached Cindy because she claimed to have consumed turtle products, a fight that we've been involved in for sometime now. That was our only agenda for as far as we're concerned, Cindy is a consumer with the potential for constructive change. No more no less.

Fact. Most turtle eggs and turtle products are tried at least only once by 'curious' customers, especially the ones visiting coastatl states like Terengganu and Kelanatan. This trade in exotic food is all the more damaging than the traditional indigenous use of turtle eggs and terrapin products because let's face it, one hundred 'curious' customers can inflict more damage on a nestful of limited eggs than a family of five ever could on a regular basis.

Our plea lies thus. Everyone has battled the temptation to take dope 'jut to see what it feels like'. To the ones that have managed to overcome this temptation, do the same for turtle eggs and turtle products.

If you already do not take these things, keep up the good work and spread the good word. We need all the help that we can get and to do that, we need to work objectively without these foolish games of personalising problems.
Thursday, May 15, 2008
The Big Move
Thought we were gone for good didn't you? Far from it, the Return has moved its base of operation to Penang. Penang beaches, here we come!! For those not in the know, Penang is the proud host of a National park at Muka Head which boasts its very own marine turtle sanctuary. Apparently, the hatchery bears witness to Olive Ridley and Green Turtle nestings.

Keep it posted. College may be over but for some of us, this mission is a lifelong commitment (emphasis on some of us: heehee).

The big move to Penang will showcase a new panel of fresh faces, long time environmentally conscious friends of mine. here's to a bigger and better future for the Return and a second chance for marine turtles in Malaysia and the world over.
Thursday, March 20, 2008
Padang Kemunting & Raptor Watch
'the Return' made it to Padang Kemunting and also Raptor Watch 2008. Yes, 'the Return' and five volunteers went outstation for two days and they had loads and loads of fun. Seriously. The trip was the realization of our community outreach programme which translates in giving education about marine turtle conservation to rangers and rovers at SMK Methodist, Melaka. Not only managed to educate them, we also educate ourselves about raptors at Raptor Watch 2008 at Tanjung Ilham.

Padang Kemunting, Melaka

Two hours sitting in the bus didn't make them expressionless.
Here they are, in front of Ismah Beach Resort where we stayed.

The Padang Kemunting Turtle Hatchery is just next to Ismah Beach Resort.
Look what we found: A real turtle, and they have few more there.

And we also saw the terrapins, REAL one.

Everybody was listening to Min Min from WWF
who explained how turtles hatch by the beach.

Mr. Leroy Luar and Ms. Samantha Hepburn educating
the Rangers and Rovers at SMK Methodist Melaka.

And surprisingly, they are more interested about our cause rather than our own
Taylor's College students :) great to know that there are people
out there who actually pay attention and do something.

And after quite a long day, strolling around Jonker street was not a bad idea.

Raptor Watch 2008, Tanjung Ilham, Melaka

He's the man :P

Seriously pity Aida, she must be missing water so bad. It was a very sunny and bright day earlier that day, but followed by a very cooling rain in the afternoon.

Don't exclude turtles. They also have their own percentage of narcissism. In this case, Aida dreams about being a mermaid for one day. Oh well...

These kids seriously in love with Aida. They hugged her, pinched her, ohh ask Aida. But they were sweet and let me snap few nice pics of them and Aida. KUDOS!

uh oh, the boys brigade. Smartass, all of them. One of the kid asked me, "hey, this is raptor watch right? how come we got turtle in here??". DUH.
Aida acting smart =_=

Not so sure who's attracted more to Aida (well, Aida loves daddys too *grins*)

He was too surprised, barely said anything but 'Hi'.

We spotted our lecturer's performance as well, Mr. Azmyl.

We will never be too tired for a picture or two, aye?


Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Green Day at Taylor's College
From Green Apples, Green Marigold, Green Grapes, Green Kiwis, Green Jelly. GREEN!

And there was a picketing too...

And also performance from ProPassion team (thanks for the support guys)

Ah, also the anger management game, stomp the can!

Stomp one...two...31!

Finally, Nelson wins (again!) but the rest of the participants help to clean the stomped cans ;) good citizenship behavior, y' all.

Look who's comin'? The crews are! They handed out some attractive prizes and the audience was really into it (even The Return team ;) )

We all know that Green Apple looks good, and also tastes good. That's why we challenged these guys to eat apple, in an innovative way, you don't even need hands ;) yeah you name it.

"Stand by me...oh darling darling stand, by meee....", was sung by Elisa and friend.

Calming voice and nice guitar. Introducing our singer cum guitar player: Imam.

Our own Melisa Suciati was singing too!

The Return would like to thank all of our performers, participants and audiences for showing up yesterday at The Courtyard to support the Green Day by The Return.
Check out your pictures (yes dude, if you were there!) here


Friday, March 7, 2008

You remember those stickers that turned up everywhere? Well, from now until next Thursday, they're gonna actually mean something. If these stickers (pictured above) end up on your person, come find anyone of 'the Return' members (we'll be wearing tags of our own: name tags that is), we'll ask you a coupla questions (three to five questions can't be that hard right?) and if you get them all right, you get a gift on the spot. Simple and lucrative. We have nothing to lose and you have everything to gain.